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  • The Danish government aims to promote stability and peaceful resolutions to the conflict in Syria, to enable progress towards achieving sustainable peace and an inclusive society, with the Stabilisation Programme for Syria (2015-2016) and the Iraq & Syria Stabilisation package.
  • Denmark has allocated 320 million DKK over the next three years to re-establish basic services for the suffering civilian population, including countering violent extremism, that would otherwise hamper the long-term goal of rebuilding Syria´s civil society and institutions.
  • It is necessary to focus on youth oriented initiatives and projects, thereby strengthening the role of the civil society to act as a force for democratic change and inclusive peace by giving young people educational support to build life skills that will strengthen their resilience and social participation.

Thus; RIKO recommends a joint ministerial focus on initiatives that would:

  • Support access to education and income-generating activities for children and youth;
  • Support access to traditional and formal forms of justice and truth-seeking;
  • Support access to services by underserved populations

The report was written by: Cecilie Engel, Thomas Appelquist and Danyal Lodhi.