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The security of Europe has been considered a prevailing issue displayed in a series of events. As the Danish political parties and the European Union (EU) internally continue to disagree on how to perceive Russia, calls for compromise and in its influence sphere and its involvement in major conflicts, an appropriate approach to the many security challenges is needed. The strategy currently pursued by the West has a strong emphasis on deterrence, seen as means in order to enhance the dialogue between the parties, but unfortunately, they have not used the opportunity in practice. However, dialogue can be a strong tool in a comprehensive approach to Russia.

Thus, RIKO recommends the following steps to be advocated for:

  • End the east- expansion North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Strengthen the politico-military dimension of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) as a platform for dialogue
  • Facilitate a common security forum as opposed to the NATO-Russia Council
  • Strengthen dialogue by inclusive development of the ballistic missile defence system, a re-launch of the conventional arms control, and a renewed INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) discussion

These steps are not to be considered short-term relief but rather a long-time treatment for a tense European situation. While it will require a great deal of resources and time to implement these measures, dialogue is in the interest of, and coherent with the ideals of the EU.