The Danish abbreviation for The Council for International Conflict Resolution is RIKO. We are an independent foreign political think tank with a particular focus on international relations, international conflicts and Denmark’s role related to these issues in the world. RIKO is a strong advocate for resolving international conflicts with a non-military approach, which we make visible when we are invited to debates on Danish foreign policy.

RIKO was founded in 2009 and the work of the organisation is in general carried out by the Board, which is selected by the members on an annual basis at the general assemblies. RIKO cooperates with other institutions, organisations and independent that share its purpose. Currently, RIKO cooperates with Consilium, Plum Fonden, Crossing Border, the Danish United Nations Association and Copenhagen Central Library.


The general purpose is to contribute to a genuine democratic dialogue, which is rooted in a well-informed decision-making basis. RIKO promotes innovative, alternative, and long-term strategies on Danish foreign policy through dialogue and research. From a conflict resolution perspective, RIKO seeks to contribute and support the idea of including and acknowledging the conflicting parties’ viewpoints. By emphasising the multiple perceptions in conflicts, RIKO seeks to provide a nuanced understanding in the Danish media coverage and foreign- and development policy issues. RIKO supports the tradition in Danish foreign policy in solving international conflicts in accordance with UN principles.


Danish foreign policy has since the Cold War culmination developed in a direction where the usage of military means has dominated, demonstrated in the active participation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the lack of greater public debate, Danish foreign policy has undergone a gradual militarization that is of no use to Danish security interests or solutions to the international conflicts Denmark has taken a responsible part of.

Instead, RIKO wishes to return to a Danish foreign policy tradition, where our key contribution to conflict resolution is facilitation and broker between parties involved in conflicts. It is on this ambition RIKO was founded in 2009


The activities of RIKO consist of internal meetings, analyses, articles, reports, public comments and meetings, as well as conferences that are all contributing and challenging the democratic dialogue concerning Danish foreign policy.

This is achieved by:

  • Expert based analyses
  • Concrete recommendations aimed at decision-makers and politicians
  • Contemporary, in-depth and nuanced articles and reports published on our website and social media.
  • Panel discussions, conferences and seminars.