The Board

The day to day work of RIKO is taken care of by a board of directors. In addition, volunteers and trainees from universities assist in the practical work. The Board is elected yearly by the RIKO Council according to RIKO’s statutes.

Besides taking care of the day to day organizational work, the Board complements the Council as its eyes and ears regarding upcoming conflicts. This involves regularly statements and reports from the Board in order to influence the Danish public, media and politicians.

Of October 14th 2016 the Board consists of the following members:

 Ahlam Chemlali

Program coordinator for DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture.


 Jonathan Oliver Bror Otto

Cand.stud. in International Studies, Politics & Administration at Roskilde Universitet.     



Jørn Boye Nielsen Jørn Boye Nielsen

MA Political Science. Teacher at the International School in Helsingør 1980-2008 (conflict resolution, international relations, etc.). Prev. Head of Secretariat; teaching assistant at the Culture Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Member of the Board of the United Nations Association in Denmark and ex. President of the UN Association in Copenhagen. Chairman of the RIKO Board.

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 Annette Stubkjær

Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies, Malmø University, focusing on nation-building and  reconciliation. Annette has been working with political ex-prisoners in the project “From Prison to Peace” in Northern Ireland.

 Kristian Dalsgård Svendsen

Cand.soc. in Global Studies from Roskilde University. Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Public Administration, RU, analyst and theoretician with a focus on globalization, conflict and power in international affairs. Vice-Chairman of the RIKO Board and webmaster for

Poul Villaume Poul Villaume

Doctor of Philosophy. Professor of Contemporary History at Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen. Author of particular “Allied with reservations” (1995) on the Danish Security Policy 1949-61 (dissertation), “In blokopdelingens sign: 1945-1972″, “Danish Foreign Policy History Vol. 5″ (2005), and “low growth and front formation: 1970-1985″, “Gyldendal & Politiken Denmark History Vol. 15″ (2005).


 Kofi Dakinah

Graduate from the University of International Security and International Law, university of southern Denmark. Focus on contemporary international conflicts. Through the study, Kofi has achieved methodological and analytical skills in the analysis of international conflict political, legal and ethical dimensions. He has written a thesis on how the international community can achieve lasting peace in a post-conflict Afghanistan. Responsible for economy (Treasurer) at RIKO.


Maria Stage

MSc in Political Science and specialised in peacebuilding and the UN. Maria holds a professional certificate programme in UN studies from Columbia University. Research Assistant, Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC), University of Copenhagen.


Board constituted May 19th 2015.

Accountants are Torben Jacobsen and Ole Porvoo.

Everyone in RIKO’s board contributes voluntarily and unpaid and doesn’t represent in their work, opinions and publications within RIKO, their employers or other organizations.

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