RIKO’s work for – and paths to – conflict resolution is carried out by the unique RIKO Council. It is a diverse group of conflict resolution and foreign policy stake-holders. The Council is constituted of academics from different disciplines, critical debaters and recognized journalists, former public employees with big practical experience, and young, engaged students and academics from Danish universities. Altogether, those people constitute the RIKO Council with a broad knowledge and understanding of the conflicts of the world and the role of Denmark in it.

RIKO works with a combination of expert based analyses and statements on actual and current conflicts containing practical policies and recommendations.

The RIKO-Council is also the setting for professional meetings on topics in International Conflict Resolution and policies. It meets every six months and the members of the Council contributes in various ways to the work of RIKO – for example through working groups on various relevant topics.

The Council elects the RIKO Board of Directors every spring (starting in 2012) and form the foundation for the Board’s work.

The Council consists on April 5, 2014 of the following members:

Ahlam Chemlali, program coordinator, Dignity – Danish Institute against torture

Anders Kærgaard, captain, ex. Staff serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, stud.mag. in history.

Anne-Berit Larsen (representing the United Nations Association, a collective member), member of UNA peace and conflict resolution committee; Member of the journal Palestine Orientation editorial; board member of the Mandela Centre Denmark.

Annette Stubkjær Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies, Malmö University. Member of RIKO Board.

Arne Strand, vice president and project manager (Options for Peace in Afghanistan) at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen.

Arvid Sloth (representing Nordic Mediators, collective member), Master in Conflict Resolution from the University of Copenhagen, specializing in participatory management of natural resources and the links between natural resource management, capacity building and conflict resolution.

Birgitte Rahbek Conflict mediator and councillor for the North Zealand Police; specialist in the Middle East; Mag.art. in Cultural Sociology and PhD in pedagogy; has also taken psychotherapeutic and a conflict resolution training.

Clemens Stubbe Østergaard, lektor emeritus of international relations at the Institute of Political Science at Aarhus University. Specializes in East Asia, especially Chinese foreign and security policy. Author of several books.

Dino Knudsen, cand.mag. history (2008), PhD (2013) thesis on the Trilateral Commission and transnational diplomacy in the 1970s, postdoc (Saxo-Inst., KU).

Else Hammerich, mediator, conflict mentor and teacher; MEd. in adult education; founded in 1994 the Centre for Conflict Resolution and was for many years leading the centre.

Erling Dessau, ex. Senior adviser to the president of the UN Peace University and UNESCO Director-General; Head of UN and UNDP country missions in Afghanistan, Somalia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Turkey.

Gunnar Olesen, senior consultant, international consultant. MA Political Science. Co-founder of RIKO.

Hans Branner, associate professor of social studies. MA Political Science. Author of several textbooks in social studies, international politics and history.

Henrik Rosager, mediator and conflict consultant.

Isabel Bramsen, master in peace and conflict studies, PhD student at the Centre for the Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC). President of the Council.

Jens Jørgen Nielsen, MA. in history and history of ideas, as well as a journalist. Teacher of conflict resolution, communication and intercultural skills.

Jens Windahl Petersen, MSc in Humanitarian Studies, studying International Relations at the LSE. Previously stationed in Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and now in South Africa.

Jonathan Oliver Bror Otto, student in international studies, policy and administration at Roskilde University. Member of the board of RIKO.

Jørn Boye Nielsen, previously a high school teacher at the Internationale Højskole, Elsinore. MA Political Science. Co-founder of RIKO and director of the RIKO-board. Deputy Chairman of the Council.

Kirsten Bruun (representing MS, collective member), teacher at Flakkebjerg School; board member of MS and include also a member of the School Association’s international committee.

Kofi Dakinah candidate in international security and international law. Member of RIKO Board.

Kristian Dalsgård Svendsen, Cand.soc. from RU. Analyst and theoretician with a focus on globalization, conflict and power in international affairs. Deputy Chairman of the RIKO Board and webmaster of RIKO.nu.

Lars Erslev Andersen, Senior Researcher at DIIS. Expert in terrorism and radicalization, focusing especially on the Middle East.

Laila Stockmarr, Ph.D student at Roskilde University, subject on Palestine. Commentator in the media on Palestinian and Middle Eastern issues.

Mads Silberg, captain in the army. Debater.

Maja Greenwood, PhD candidate at CRIC and DIIS. Specializing in Afghanistan and negotiations with the Taliban.

Maria Stage, student of political science, University of Copenhagen. Student-assistant at CRIC.

Nagieb Khaja, journalist and author of the book The story that’s not being told about the war in Afghanistan. Has worked for DR, TV 2 and freelance for international medias. Contributed to the film The Secret War.

Niels Hahn, teacher and researcher at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. The research particularly in the area of ​​western military intervention.

Niels Hvidsten Ferslev stud. soc. at Roskilde University, specializing in Danish UN policy.

Nina Holst, Bachelor student in Economics at the Copenhagen University. Assistant at DIIS in international economic policy. Member of the board of RIKO.

Poul Villaume, D.Phil., Professor of contemporary history at the University of Copenhagen; author of many historical works. Co-founder of RIKO and member of the RIKO Board.

Poya Pâkzâd, policy advisor at Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/ActionAid Denmark, commentator and analyst specializing in Middle Eastern affairs.

Søren Friis, MA. in International Studies, PhD at Aarhus University specializing in Danish and Nordic development and security.

Søren Riishøj, Lektor Emeritus specializing in Eastern Europe at the University of Southern Denmark. Former MP for SF.

Thorkild Høyer, lawyer. Chairman of the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims. Has worked several times as mediator.

Tue Magnussen, cand.phil. in history; MA in geography and international development studies; employee at the RCT 1999-2011.

Vibeke Vindeløv. D.jur. (thesis on mediation), professor of conflict resolution at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

CFK (Centre for Conflict Resolution, collective member), represented by Ane North, anthropologist, scientific assistant at Aarhus University, Department of education and pedagogy.

PRIO, Peace Research Institute Oslo. Collective member.

Every member of the RIKO-Council are voluntary and unpaid and represent in their work, statements and publications for RIKO neither their employers or other organizations (with the exception of Council collective members).

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