Three volunteer groups are contributing tremendously to three important areas of RIKO´s work. The two groups are:

Research & Analysis

Purpose: Research & Analysis is a new group with the purpose of producing RIKO´s conflict analyses along with thematic reports. Both of these work as a presentation and an overview over certain contemporary conflicts or theme along with RIKO´s recommendations. A RIKO analysis is a systematic examination of courses, actors, stakeholders, problems, future scenarios and potential recommendation for resolutions besides a thorough investigation of the many political, cultural, economic, and social dynamics existing in international conflicts.

Assignments: Developing frameworks and tool for analyzing conflicts and thematic topics. Produce conflict analysis, thematic analysis and policy briefs.

Group meetings: In the beginning of a new project meetings will be arranged on a regular basis along with group work of developing a strategy. Smaller project groups will be established independently to cover multiple conflicts.

Qualifications: As a minimum a bachelor in a relevant field. Contact person: Anne Kristine Raunkiær-Jensen,

Education & Training

Purpose: The group’s purpose is to facilitate information about international conflict resolution to the Danish population through public seminars and presentations. In addition, the group is responsible for strengthening the working environment within the organisation.

Responsibilities: The group arranges a number of seminars and events with various professionals and experts in fields related to contemporary conflicts and their resolutions. There is a collaboration with the Main Library, which leads to five seminars at the Main Library with a focus on international conflicts.

Group meetings: The group meets once every month, preferably in private settings in order to create a social network.

Qualifications: As a volunteer, you have to be open and extroverted as much time is spent creating relations to external actors. Contact person: Joaquim Nikolas Nyrup Hempel,