Key Concepts of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

By Anne Kristine Raunkjær-Jensen, RIKO, on behalf of the Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding How do we understand the concepts of conflict prevention and peacebuilding? On August 30th the new CSO-network aimed at building organizational capacity within...

Diverging Future Conflicts: Promoting Common Interests between West East

The security of Europe has been considered a prevailing issue displayed in a series of events. As the Danish political parties and the European Union (EU) internally continue to disagree on how to perceive Russia, calls for compromise and in its influence sphere and its involvement in major conflicts, an appropriate approach to the many security challenges is needed.

The Syrian Crisis – Youth Development for an Empowered Civil Society

After almost six years of conflict, the situation in Syria is worsening: there is increased fighting and violence on the ground and no clear road map to peace. As a response to these challenges RIKO recommends the Danish government to implement youth-focused policies and to support the youth groups within the IDPs and affected communities.

New Year, Same Old Problem: India-Pakistan Peace Conundrum

India-Pakistan Peace riddle could not be unravelled in six decades. Apart from politico-military hurdles, non-state actors on both sides in the form of militants and extremists groups have haunted the peace process time and again. Yet there is only one plausible way forward–and it is dialogue.

Dialogue is a neglected tool in Conflict Resolution

Norwegian Steinar Bryn has worked with dialogue as a tool in international conflict resolution for more than 20 years. In this article, RIKO seeks to learn from his experience.